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MacKenzie is a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor. Her teaching combines thorough understanding of alignment and anatomy with the joy of balance and movement. She engages deeply with her students and her classes are thoughtfully sequenced, creating a safe space to have fun and explore, work hard yet find softness.

Where was your favorite vacation?

I'm currently in love with Thailand. The country is full of smiling people living full lives with just the right amount of belongings to live happily. Not to mention that the food is delicious (the spicier the better in my mind)!

Have you ever owned a goldfish? Name?

Oh goodness... I had several goldfish growing up, but sadly I don't remember any of their names!

What are you good at?

Walking in high heels as well as doing handstands in them!

What super power would you love to have?

Teleport... that would cut down my travel time to International teaching gigs dramatically! I could also see my loved ones more frequently and much more easily!

Who was the best teacher you ever had?

That's like asking which is your favorite child... I will say that the most pivotal class I've had to date was with my teacher Tiffany Cruikshank. It was a backbend class that I was dreading. I threw all caution to the wind and whole heartedly embraced the class, achieved things I didn't know were possible and couldn't help but cry tears of pure joy throughout savasana and several minutes after. Tiffany lovingly rubbed my feet while I cried. I felt empowered, embraced and free all at the same time. That class will forever leave an imprint on my heart.

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Class Overview:

This video will help you work towards gaining the strength to press up into handstand. You will need two blocks for this video.

2 28min
Instructor   Mackenzie Miller
Style   Tutorial,
Class Overview:

Join us for a level 2 class with Mackenzie Miller. During class we will explore a fun and playful vinyasa flow while working into handstand. The only prop you will need is a block, so keep it handy!

2 62min
Instructor   Mackenzie Miller
Style   Power Vinyasa Yoga,
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