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Irene's love for yoga is contagious. She began practicing in 2012 and immediately knew she had found her path. When she did her first 200 hour teacher training she did not intend to teach right away, but she soon realized that sharing yoga with others was her purpose.

As an Ashtanga and Rocket yoga practitioner, she enjoys both a traditional practice as well as a spontaneous one. When teaching, she encourages students to seek balance between strength and flexibility in both mind and body. Her classes are challenging but leave you feeling excited and alive, with a new respect for the abilities of your body.

What are your favorite brand of jeans?

To be honest I prefer stretchy pants!

How old were you when you learned to swim?

Too young to remember!

What do you like on a pizza?

Pineapple and no cheese.

What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekend?


What’s a favorite costume you’ve worn?

Wonder Woman, for sure.

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Class Overview:

You will need a block or something similar around the house. Irene suggests maybe a bunched up pair of jeans, just something thicker. This is quick class that will hit the core and lead you into a nice flow.

1 45min
Instructor   Irene Pappas
Style   Vinyasa Yoga,
Class Overview:

This is an All Levels class in which the focus will be on arm balances and inversions. Feel free to slow things down a bit, or take your practice up a notch. Stay flexible, work with your body, and have fun.

1 27min
Instructor   Irene Pappas
Style   Workshop,
Class Overview:

Grab a block and a fun and playful attitude for this yoga session with Irene. Learn how to get some hang time in your hand stand safely with patience and persistence.

3 43min
Instructor   Irene Pappas
Style   Tutorial,
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