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Unique, vivacious, supremely talented. Not only has Elinore Cohen made a major mark in the yoga world, but she did it with a passion and boldness that inspires. Through her studio in southern California, her popular workshops and teacher trainings, Elinore developed a well-earned reputation for advancing the most new to the most seasoned yogi with her dynamic, alignment-driven vinyasa. She zeros in on the placement of your feet, your thighs, your arches, but not for aesthetic reasons. Elinore stresses the details so you can get centered and focus on self-discovery, rather than just perfecting asanas. She does it with great skill and a lightheartedness that make all poses more satisfying and the most challenging ones doable. Her approach is rooted in her exciting "Pelvic Floor FlowTM" method which delivers more depth in every pose. The pelvic floor includes the inner and outer thighs. When weak, this area leads to back, hip and sciatic pain and limits our yoga practice. At her workshop, learn specific poses to isolate and strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor to increase their flexibility and stability. Then playfully explore a variety of arm balances and inversions as Elinore breaks down the moves to make them accessible and fun! She'll also deconstruct commonly misaligned asanas so everyone will have heightened awareness about safe alignment. Elinore has over twenty years of movement and dance experience in ballet, lyrical, modern and jazz including with the famous Joffrey Ballet. A love of fitness and wellness led her to yoga where she explored everything from Iyengar and Anusara to Ashtanga and Vinyasa. A certified yoga teacher, she has been influenced by Lisa Walford, Annie Carpenter, Maty Ezraty and many others. Come experience your yoga more boldly and vibrantly with the extraordinary Elinore Cohen.

What is your favorite season?

FALL! I love wearing scarves and boots! The weather's "Cool" but not too cool!

For one day, I'd change places with...

My boyfriend so I can figure out why he does the things he does. I'll just leave it at that.

What do you like on a pizza?

Cheese. Just plain ol' cheese.

Would you rather see a sunrise or a sunset?

A sunset, of course! Prettier and I've got longer to enjoy it!... Mostly because I prefer to sleep through sunrise!

Who is your favorite author?

Alfie Kohn! He writes and speaks widely on human behavior, education, and parenting. He's a progressive thinker and I resonate with his criticisms of competition and rewards! And, he's our country's most outspoken critic of education's fixation on grades and test scores. I was a kindergarten teacher and have my MA in Human Development and truly believe in Kohn's writings, thoughts and theories on progressive education, human development and parenting.

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Class Overview:

A Mini Sequence, about 3 postures, to help lengthen and find more space in your psoas. A great quick practice to do before you move into a flow with backbends. Also very helpful to relieve lower back tension.

1 9min
Instructor   Elinore Cohen
Style   Tutorial,
Class Overview:

Join Elinore for a quick tutorial on how to approach Ardha Chandrasana or Half Moon. Find some wall space and grab your mat. This is short and sweet but very informative.

1 7min
Instructor   Elinore Cohen
Style   Tutorial,
Class Overview:

Join Elinore and Autumn as they guide and demonstrate for you multiple versions of scorpion. Be prepared to open your thoracic spine and shoulder girdle. You will need a block.

2 7min
Instructor   Elinore Cohen
Style   Tutorial,
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