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Daniel Head, born and raised in Redlands, CA has always had a love for his community and a dream to bring Power Yoga to this area. He has been teaching yoga in the Inland Empire for over 15 years now, during that time he has taught thousands of people. His classes are packed full of students and attracts people from all across Inland Empire and through Southern California.

What’s your favorite little kid movie?

The Little Mermaid

How do you relax?

YIN everyday

What’s in your favorite smoothie?

My favorite smoothie, which I enjoy every morning, is a blend of blueberries, raspberries, banana, apple, hemp protein, flax seed oil. Its amazing. I can give you the recipe if you like?

I can’t stand the smell of …


Have you ever needed stitches?

Yes, when I was young a put on a cape and jumped off a toy box thinking I could fly and I cut my lip open on the corner of that toy box.

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Class Overview:

A fun and energizing routine pulling postures from some old skool techniques that Daniel learned long, long ago. Let’s do this….old skool!

2 81min
Instructor   Daniel Head
Style   Power Vinyasa Yoga,
Class Overview:

This is a flow designed by Daniel to first open up your upper and lower back and release tension in the chest. As your body starts to warm and open up you will get the opportunity to work into Natarajasana, Lord of the Dance Pose. Daniel keeps it light and fun, even in the most challenging postures. You might want a block and a strap.

1 49min
Instructor   Daniel Head
Style   Power Vinyasa Yoga,
Class Overview:

Get in and out with this quick 45min routine. Basic poses that will leave you feeling vibrant and strong.

2 45min
Instructor   Daniel Head
Style   Power Vinyasa Yoga,
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