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Originally from Australia, Cass had a very active lifestyle growing up with a background in gymnastics and running. She was initially drawn to power vinyasa yoga due to its acrobatic nature, but it's the deep mental and emotional release that keeps her coming back for more.

To Cass, a yoga practice isn't about trying to change what you do not like about yourself, but rather, taking an honest look inside, and being content with what you find there. She has an intense passion to teach and an even greater desire to help others develop, and improve upon their own practice. Her warm, kind-hearted spirit will always make you feel welcome.

Cass' teaching style is very focused on the breath, which is a reflection of her own practice. She is a lovely mix of firmness and sweetness. She loves to incorporate a wide range of music into her classes, as well as frequent options for students of all levels. You will regularly find arm balances, inversions, and restorative yin style poses built into her routines. Be prepared to sweat, fall, breathe, laugh, and let go.

Where was the last location your passport was stamped?

Sydney, Australia

What are your favorite brand of jeans?

Ha...well it's pretty hard to go back to wearing jeans when you wear stretchy pants all day everyday. And I'm not sure if it counts, but I do sometimes wear "J Brand" legging jeans.

What is your favorite movie of all time?

"Who framed Roger Rabbit?" Don't laugh it's awesome!

How do you relax?

Once a week, I'll try to do an epic bubble bath with coconut milk and rose petals. It's amazing balls!

Have you ever needed stitches?

Ahhhhhhh yes. I had surgery for an appendicitis about 5 years ago. It did leave a rad scar though!

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Class Overview:

A quick but strong power flow, focused on opening the spine through the layering of twists with backbends. This sequence builds a lot of heat, so it's very detoxifying!

1 48min
Instructor   Cass Bartlett
Style   Power Vinyasa Yoga,
Class Overview:

A sequence focusing on deep releasing theQuads, Psoas and Hamstrings. Have comfy blankets, blocks and pillows handy!

1 30min
Instructor   Cass Bartlett
Style   Yin & Deep Stretch,
Class Overview:

Tune into this quick video before getting into the Twisty Tree Flow Routine. Work on your balance to gracefully transition from Vriksasana (tree pose) to Ardha Chandrasana (half moon).

1 3min
Instructor   Cass Bartlett
Style   Tutorial,
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