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Bien started yoga in college in 2003 because he doesn't like to be sweaty. Since then, he learned a lot about physical strength, mental flexibility and balance in life. He has been teaching for 5 years throughout the Inland Empire, including CSU San Bernardino and The Yoga Room, and tries to share his passion and the lessons he has learned from yoga to his students. He has also gotten over his aversion to perspiration.

I enjoy teaching beginner and intermediate vinyasa flow classes because I like to encourage people to try new things. Fear is often times scarier than failure so many of us stop before we even try. I like to encourage students to just try, even if you know you won't succeed right away. There's nothing more exciting than seeing someone try something 99 times and fall, only to stick it the 100th time. I like to remind my students the poses are just poses; it's the confidence and self awareness that you get from practice that makes yoga so freeing .

What was your favorite sweet cereal as a kid?

Cornpops...but as snacks, not really with milk as cereal.

Who is your favorite author?

David Levithan does amazing things in the world of YA literature. ('The Realm of Possibility' is brilliant)

What super power would you love to have?

The ability to stop time. Or Jedi mind powers.

What is your favorite vegetable?

Steamed okra and sweet potato leaves remind me of my grandma

I can’t stand the smell of …

I can't stand the smell of sour milk.

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Class Overview:

Unroll your mat and begin your yoga journey with Bien. During this class Bien will breakdown the alignment specifically for the warrior poses. Beautifully sequenced for beginners and any student looking to refine their practice.

1 59min
Instructor   Bien Fule-Ver
Style   Vinyasa Yoga,
Class Overview:

With an emphasis on balance, Bien focuses on Vrksasana (tree position) in the flow to bring awareness to the body and help the mind concentrate. This is a beginner class with options to an intermediate student.

1 54 Min
Instructor   Bien Fule-Ver
Style   Power Vinyasa Yoga,
Class Overview:

Bien walks through a vinyasa flow featuring Vasisthasana (side plank pose) to strengthen the obliques, hips and core. This class could be attempted by a beginner with options for an intermediate student.

1 54 Min
Instructor   Bien Fule-Ver
Style   Power Vinyasa Yoga,
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