Class Instructor Daniel Head
Style / Focus
  • Abs
  • Lower Body
  • Strength
  • Upper Body
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  • Intensity
  • Pace
  • Music Level
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Classes  >   Daniel Head ‘Strength through Repetition’

Daniel Head ‘Strength through Repetition’

This is Daniel's strength and conditioning class. He picked a few poses and then has the class repeat the series 3 times through. It will get you strong in your shoulders, legs and abdominals!

4 responses to “Daniel Head ‘Strength through Repetition’”

  1. Kelly Batres says:

    Enjoyed this class at sunset in my backyard. Only thing missing was some music to help me ignore the kids playing in the pool 🙂

  2. says:

    I decided to take this class again. It was just as great as the 1st time I took it in December.
    Thank you

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