Class Instructor Yogi Nora
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  • Flexibility
  • Hamstrings
  • Hips
  • Lower Body
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Classes  >   Yogi Nora ‘Dip into the Hips’

Yogi Nora ‘Dip into the Hips’

This Yin class gets you deep into your hips, and much more.

33 responses to “Yogi Nora ‘Dip into the Hips’”

  1. Jayme Rodgers says:

    very deep hip work, quite intense, lots of deep twists. Relaxing, I nearly fell asleep!

  2. Mariesa Copeland says:

    I really needed a class like this! I store a lot in my hips and hamstrings and struggle with giving in. I can see this class daily changing my life! Thanks!

  3. Mary Harris says:

    Phenomenal. So very important to take the time and do Nora’s yin videos. I would love to see one focused on the shoulders.

  4. Catherine McKenzie says:

    Thank you – a lovely class – which created lots of peaceful spaces for me.

  5. Laura Szemenyei says:

    Wow well I was feeling very tight today from the other “Nora’s Secret”, so this definately was a challenge to relax into sore muscles. I truly appreciate Yogi Nora and this class was amazing! At one point, I felt a really beautiful release. I thought I was flexible and now I think I have a long way to go. Thank you Yogi Nora! You are a godsend.

    • Yogi Nora says:

      Hi Laura,
      So glad you enjoyed the class. These deep stretches show us all how much more we can stretch!
      thanks for watching this video and my other videos too!
      Yogi Nora

  6. Ekaterina Babaian says:


  7. Françoise Pasche says:

    What did you think of the class?

  8. Françoise Pasche says:

    Exploring, focusing on and finding MY balance place. What a great class. Thank You for sharing your expérience and for your generosity. Merci!

  9. Viktor Gergely Szobota says:

    It was really relaxing, Nori’s commands in her happy and peaceful tone of voice was great to listen to. She helped me to release stress and stiffness with this class. You find a balanced position in the poses and completely relax into them and let go. Awesome experience. Nora you are lovely and inspiring!

  10. Ekaterina Babaian says:

    i love it too much

  11. Hana Madejova says:

    Thank you it was such deep hip class . My hips are very tight so this is very help.

  12. Didi Yeh says:

    I miss Nora so much, and it is such a blessing to be able to partake of her teaching style via Yoga30. The balanced focus on energy and intention in addition to physical poses has always been a key factor in why I value Nora’s classes so much! Keep ’em coming, Ms Nora, and Thank You! So wonderful to still be able to connect with your Great Soul. Namaste!

    • Yogi Nora says:

      Didi!! So glad you have joined me here! You are such a bright, beautiful light. I am honored that you are taking my classes on Yoga30. you will also love Stretching at the Wall class…. I can see you doing it!
      Love to you my friend,
      Yogi Nora

  13. Katie Smith says:

    Such a beautiful class. My hips have always given me a hard time. Loved the approach in this practice. Will be revisiting this class.

  14. Maria Kondorskaya says:

    Thank you for providing such a collection of yin classes, Nora!
    I am trying to do yin before my yang now and did 60-minute yin classes first for several days. I like it, but cannot help asking whether its right or wrong to do a savasana after yin and before yang flow? And…can other yoga styles be practicied together? Say, can I add a kundalini kriya after an ashtanga practice? ))
    Sorry, if am overstaying my welcome at the site with those questions, and thank you again for revealing a new yoga to me.

    • Yogi Nora says:

      Hi Maria,
      All great questions. I personally, do my Yin before my flow class; like you are doing. I do not take sivasana after Yin, because I know I am going to practice my flow next. I take sivasana after the whole practice.
      I think as long as you are practicing honest yoga, you are in a good place. People ask me what kind of yoga I teach, and I say I practice and teach yoga. It is honest, and takes me deeper to self knowledge. All Yoga styles practiced humbly lead to the same place….
      Hope this helps,
      Yogi Nora

  15. Nichole Stark says:

    Wow! This class was crazy intense and amazing (especially the pigeon pose sequence)! I think this may be my new favorite Yogi Nora video!

  16. Catherine McKenzie says:

    Another beautiful class. Thank you Yogi Nora!

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