Class Instructor Irene Pappas
Style / Focus
  • Alignment
  • Flexibility
  • Hamstrings
  • Strength
  • Upper Body
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Classes  >   Irene Pappas ‘Beginner Yoga Routine’

Irene Pappas ‘Beginner Yoga Routine’

A little bit of beginner yoga. This class is perfect for the students who brand new or newer to yoga. Join Irene as she moves you through a wonderful series of postures that will leave you feeling refreshed and alive!

15 responses to “Irene Pappas ‘Beginner Yoga Routine’”

  1. Ashley Brown says:

    Great class, Irene!

  2. Alexis Linder says:

    This video was great! My boyfriend has never done yoga before but was willing to try this one with me. He’s not very flexible, and we laughed as he grunted and “contorted” his body into some of these poses. It was a good beginner video, and nice to be able to do this at home where no one can see you fall over during your transitions. 😉

  3. kendra chandler says:

    your class was amazing i love it!!! but i only see one video for beginners do i just keep practicing with this video?

    • Irene Pappas says:

      Yes more will be added soon keep checking back! Also you could do any of the restorative classes 🙂 and the other teachers have beginner videos too!

  4. jorge salazar says:

    loved it !!! as a former runner this gave me a work out with out the heavy impact on my bad knees thanks Irene taking baby step just a beginner .

  5. Terri Wilson says:

    First yoga session ever and absolutely LOVED it! I definitely need a lot of work, as an avid runner (that barely stretches) this session provided much needed stretch and relaxation. I can’t wait to see some progress in my strength and flexibility. Thank you!

  6. Chika Ozongwu says:

    great start to the day! great to hear the breathing also, as this encouraged me to bring back my focus to the breath.

  7. Mya Sulic says:

    I follow you on Instagram and that’s what made me sign up for the class but I feel really nauseas and weird hanging my head so low. Are there ways to get used to this?

  8. Françoise Pasche says:

    What did you think of the class?

  9. Françoise Pasche says:

    Merci ! Grazie! Thank You. Relaxing even if intense. I am learning to be patient with me and my flexibility.

  10. LaShonda Hawkins says:

    Loved it! Haven’t done yoga in years but I was able to keep the pace. You are a doll. Same time tomorrow?!

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